2018 Indy Quest Team List

Team Name Division Racer #1 Racer #2 Racer #3
Cocktails and Dreams 2 Coed Craig Rudzinski Amy Marisavljevic
The Way of the Road 2 Coed Tyler Noble Christina Swain
Team Phelps 2 Coed Maggie Phelps Joshua Phelps
BAM 2 Female Cristal Garrison Erin Smyth
Gossard & Whicker 2 Male Alan Gossard Dick Whicker
Mustache you a question? 2 Male Bill Fleming Ben Robard
Team Gearhart 2 Male Stephen Gearhart Michael Gearhart
Twins 2 Male David Tanner
Off the Map 3 Coed Robert Pumphrey Annie Pumphrey George Devidze
Ragged Glory 2 3 Coed Chip Neidigh
Dinoseries.com 3 Coed Chikage Castle Brian Holzhausen
2V1P 3 Coed Danielle Nicol Laura Schlensker Eric Pepper
Adventure Agents 3 Coed Steve Salerno Derek Gutting Anabel Haviza
Team GrayStarr 3 Coed Chad Starr Joe Gray Jessica Gray
Win Or Lose We Still Booze 3 Coed Natalee Fuller Brian Armstrong Kevin O'Donnell
Team Ragged Glory 1 3 Male Joseph Madren Doug Theis
Chicago's Pizza 3 Male Nate Epple Noah Epple Adam Decker