What It Is All About 

For most of our time in Indy, Jay and I knew Wheeler Mission as a place that feeds and houses homeless men. That has been a big part of their over 125-year history. Today, Wheeler does so much more for the less fortunate in Indianapolis. Wheeler operates 9 facilities in central Indiana. They offer services for men, women and women with children way beyond just housing and food.

When Jay and I decided to make Indy Quest a charitable event, our first choice was the Wheeler Mission Center for Women and Children (CWC).  Hundreds of women and children enter CWC seeking food, clothing and housing each month. National studies indicate that the fastest growing segment of the homeless population consists of women with children. Wheeler currently turns away about 700 request a month for services at the CWC. Wheeler has a current capital campaign to raise $12 million for a new CWC that would greatly reduce the 700 under-served. They will start construction when they have 80% of the funds. They have raised 70%. Ever dollar counts toward a start date for this much need facility.

Wheeler’s annual budget is $11 million a year. Surprisingly, they are totally self-funded. The organization receives no city, state or federal money. Indianapolis is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country without a city run homeless shelter, thanks in  part to Wheeler and the many organizations that work with them. More importantly, it’s the hearts and generosity of the people and businesses of central Indiana who volunteer and donate to make this unique model work.

We have added an additional donation  option to our registration. 100% of those moneys will go to Wheeler Missions CWC as well as a good portion of your entry fee.  We are also looking for check point sponsor for $500 dollars. Each check point sponsor will get a benefit package that includes a free team entry. If you have a business or your employer is up for a great team building experience to support a worthy cause, become a check point sponsor. Email us at info@indyquestar.com or call Jerry at 317 590-0762 to explore these opportunities.